Core Management Skills and Competencies – Customer Focus

Person who have customer focus demonstrate a concern for the needs and expectations of customers and make them a high priority. They maintain contact with their customers, both internal and external to the organization, and use their understanding of customer needs as the basis for decision making and organizational action.

Illustrative Behavior 1: Responds to a customer’s inquiry or problem in a timely and effective manner.

Illustrative Behavior 2: Conveys realistic expectations to internal and external customers.

Illustrative Behavior 3: Effectively manages customer expectations (e.g., reshapes incorrect/inappropriate assumptions, establishes realistic timeframes, pushes back as necessary).

Illustrative Behavior 4: Follows up on customer requests to ensure that the final product or service met expectations.

Illustrative Behavior 5: Takes customer issues to the appropriate people within the organization to obtain the most accurate information to meet customer needs.

Illustrative Behavior 6: Gives high priority to addressing customer complaints.

Illustrative Behavior 7: Uses information about customers’ needs as the basis of problem-solving, decision-making, and organizational action.

Illustrative Behavior 8: Reminds people about the importance of the customer to the organization’s success.

Illustrative Behavior 9: Anticipates how plans and actions of the business will affect the customer in the short term and the long term.

Illustrative Behavior 10: Proactively seeks feedback from customers and uses this information to make improvements in systems, processes, etc.

Illustrative Behavior 11: Coaches others to forge relationships with customers and add value.

Illustrative Behavior 12: Understands and communicates how different departments and functional groups interact to support customer needs.

Illustrative Behavior 13: Actively seeks out the customer to discuss business challenges in an effort to provide products and services that meet the customer’s needs even before the customer recognizes the need as critical.


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