Core Management Skills and Competencies – Critical and Analytical Thinking

A Person with this competency regularly questions basic assumptions about work and how it gets done, identifying underlying principles, root causes, and facts by breaking down information and data and their implications, and drawing conclusions based on their analyses. They understand the complexity of certain issues and crystallize the components of those issues to make them more manageable by applying sound reasoning.

Illustrative Behavior 1: Challenges established thinking, processes, or protocols with company success in mind.

Illustrative Behavior 2: Quickly and systematically analyzes the root cause of work-related problems before taking corrective action.

Illustrative Behavior 3: Recognizes and communicates the implications of data/information.

Illustrative Behavior 4: Is able to clearly frame a problem, identify and collect the necessary data, and make recommendations for solving the problem.

Illustrative Behavior 5: Takes complex issues or problems and breaks them down into manageable components.

Illustrative Behavior 6: Understands how data and recommendations may impact other functions and departments.

Illustrative Behavior 7: Relates problems to one another and to strategic objectives to recognize opportunities for dealing with several related problems at the same time.



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