Core Management Skills and Competencies – Flexibility and Agility

Flexibility and Agility competency : adjusting one’s behavior to new information or changing circumstances. Such a person remains open to new ways of doing things and experiments with new methods. He also works effectively in an unstructured or dynamic environment.

Illustrative Behavior 1: Adapts his or her behavior in response to new information or changing circumstances.

Illustrative Behavior 2: Is open to new methods, ideas, or approaches.

Illustrative Behavior 3: Works and collaborates effectively in unstructured or dynamic environments.

Illustrative Behavior 4: Adjusts the original objective or plan to allow the best possible results.

Illustrative Behavior 5: Demonstrates a willingness to embrace new systems, processes, technology, and ideas.

Illustrative Behavior 6: Stays focused and keeps his or her team focused during times of uncertainty or change.

Illustrative Behavior 7: Coaches others to be flexible and adapt behavior to various situations.

Illustrative Behavior 8: Understands that ambiguity is a normal part of doing business and communicates that to people in the work unit/function.

Illustrative Behavior 9: Anticipates changes in the internal and external environment (e.g., organizational, market, products, and systems) and adapts accordingly.

Illustrative Behavior 10: Uses new ideas to reengineer work processes or make changes in how resources are allocated within the business.


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